Amazing artists, volunteers and members comprise the Eighth Step family!

Recently, we received a number of emails with reminiscences from people who love The Eighth Step. Watch for them in upcoming messages. If you love the Step, have a story or memorable experience about a performance, meeting a performer or our crew that you would be willing to share, we would love to hear from you - please e-mail us!

Meanwhile, by supporting our End Of Year Campaign, you support the entire The Eighth Step community - and all the wonderful musicians who appear on our stage! Our End of Year Giving Campaign runs from now until December 31st. Our goal for this year's campaign is $5,000 to be used toward current goals:

  • Upgrading of sound equipment, including a state-of-the-art speaker and amplifier system, and omni-directional microphones

  • Programming and operations serving a young audience, beginning with Open Mic outreach

  • Funding and scholarships for our weekend songwriting workshop in the Adirondacks

  • Contingency fund to address unexpected expenses

Help us keep the music you love alive! We are so appreciative of your support.